Information Exchange Agreement Ssa

Notice to partners for the electronic exchange of information who provide a list of contractors – 0960-NEU. The Federal Standards Privacy Act of 1974; e-Government Act 2002; and the National Institute of Standard Special Publications 800-53-4 require the SSA to maintain control over the information it provides to partners for the electronic exchange of information (EEP). IEEs receive SSA data for the management of publicly funded and publicly managed programs. SSA is responsible for the oversight and protection of personal data that SSA shares with other federal and state authorities and private organizations through the Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act and the Information Exchange Agreements (AIE). In accordance with the conditions set out in the governmental component of the IEA and the IEA Agency, EIAs undertake to comply with the security requirements and procedures applicable to the electronic exchange of information for public and local authorities exchanging electronic information with the SSA. SSA`s Technical Systems Security Requirements document enables all authorities that use SSA data to ensure that SSA information is not processed. well maintained; transmitted; or stored in electronic devices; computer; or computer networks located in geographic or virtual areas not governed by U.S. law, or stored through a data communication channel. SSA conducts compliance audits every three years of all public and local authorities and tribes with which we have an EIA to ensure that adequate security measures are maintained to protect the confidentiality of information provided by SSA. SSA requires any organization, with an electronic data interchange agreement, to make available to the SSA regional office an up-to-date list of contractors or agents who have access to SSA data upon request. SSA uses Form SSA-731, Notice to Electronic Information Exchange Partners to Provide Contractor List to record this. Interviewees are federal agencies and state, local or tribal authorities that exchange electronic information with SSA.

For more information, see the Document Design Manual sections on how to use For more information Contact in Federal Registry documents. The Social Security Administration (SSA) publishes a list of information collection packages that must be approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), in accordance with Public Law 104-13, the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, with effect from 1 October 1995. This note contains revisions to OMB-approved information collections and a new collection. . . .

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