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Pedagogy: What in Art Makes Change

My BIG QUESTION is: how do arts-based cultural works effect change? And the inverse of that is: what is missing in the understanding of the effectiveness of participatory, relational, or socially-engaged art when we want to find cultural resistance within it? What other ways can we think about “effectiveness” or “utility” or the impact of […]

Where It Lands: Users and Relational Aesthetics

We did an overview of what activist, and socially-engaged / participatory art is and who it is made by in the last posts, so now lets look at some of the ideas artists and makers invoke behind this type of work: users and usership, relationality, intersubjectivity* and groups. Users of the Art/Cultural Experience Activists and […]

Intro To Study

Over the next three months there will be weekly [ish] posts with writing and readings. Learn with me, talk back to me and each other. To get started and read along, I suggest the following: “Contributions to a Resistance Visual Culture Glossary” by Nato Thompson, Peruse Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution, edited by […]

Education for Revolution